Lauren Armellini

San Diego Photographer Specializing In Product & Interiors. Helping brands tell their story through beautifully crafted, custom imagery.

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How I Can Help Your Brand

I've been working in the field of photography and graphic arts for over 20 years and have acquired a wide variety of skills in the process. Think of me as your in-house Art Department. If you have a product or service to market, I can do everything from photography to web design & graphics that will help your brand come to life. I excel at listening to your unique journey and translating it into stunning visuals with a cohesive message.

Let's Create Some Stunning Images

You've worked hard to create something incredible in your business and now it's time to capture it on "film" so you can share it with the world. Whether I'm shooting product for your e-commerce website or interiors to show off your beautiful space, I bring a careful eye for detail and a wealth of photography experience to each shoot. So, let's capture some high-quality, show-stopping images together that will wow your clients and elevate your brand!

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Make Those Images Work For You

Good images are just the start! The next step is to get them out in front of people by incorporating them into your website, a marketing email, on social media or in a printed piece. Don't have an in-house designer to help you or the time to do it yourself? I have over 10 years experience as a Graphic Arts Director and can work with you to create a beautiful website or graphics that will show off your product / service and effectively communicate your brand message.

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