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Joshua Tree // A // Fine Art Desert Prints
The desert is really a magical place…it sounds cheesy but every time I go there, I come back with my spirit renewed. There is so much to celebrate in that seemingly harsh landscape…the incredible variety of life….the pure silence…the star-filled sky…. the feeling of vast space…..all those things seep into my being and I’m instantly refreshed. Joshua Tree, in particular, holds all that and more. I’ve visited the park many times over the years and I feel like it always has something new to reveal. This time it was gorgeous light. Most of the park is surrounded by high ridges which hide the sun quickly at the end of the day so, the “golden” hour is fleeting, if you catch it at all. This series of prints celebrates that light and hopefully captures that desert spirit that keeps me coming back.

Light Jet Print on KodakPro Endura Paper
Prints to the edge of the paper…no border


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PLEASE NOTE: Every computer monitor has a different color calibration and displays colors and brightness slightly differently. Because of this, your computer monitor may not depict the exact color of the artwork. Please contact me with any questions about the color or size of any item before purchasing.

Also, a note on cropping: Some sizes will require the image to be cropped. I’m happy to provide you with a proof before I print so you can approve any necessary crop adjustments. Please just ask! Otherwise I assume you trust my judgement :)

– Artwork © Lauren Armellini / PixelsandPigment
– Images cannot be reproduced or otherwise distributed in any form without written permission from the copyright holder.

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