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It always feels like a gift when clients like you come my way. I’m honored that you are considering me to photograph your beautiful project and appreciate the opportunity to help tell your brand’s story through images.

My Process

I like to start by getting to know you and your business over a phone call. I want to hear all about your design philosophy and what role photography plays in your marketing.

Then I’ll want to hear all about your amazing project and what you’re looking for from the images. I will ask about all the details so I can get a clear list of deliverables and get to work on a project proposal.

If the proposal is accepted we can then move forward and book your shoot date!

Working With Me

I like my clients to think of me as their creative partner. My favorite shoot days are the ones that feel like play. When we get to experiment and style together to create unique images that reflect your brand and connect with your ideal clients.

I’m obsessed with lighting, composition and styling and am always trying to create “a moment”. It isn’t out of the ordinary to find me on the floor, up on a counter or crouched in a corner to get the shot.

I know how much thought designers put into the details of a project and I love to capture closeups as well as wider room views. I find that it helps to tell a complete visual story.

Above all, I’m passionate about my craft so I go above and beyond to create stunning images that are intentionally crafted for each of my valued clients.

Interior Photography FAQ

How much do you charge?

It depends on how much you need to cover. I offer a mini-session that is ideal for one or 2 rooms and a full-session that is better suited for several rooms in a large home. Contact me for the most current pricing.

How many images will I get?

The answer to this varies as you might imagine. I always set a list of deliverables during the estimate phase of a project so you'll have a ballpark idea well before the shoot day arrives. I usually estimate 1-3 wide room views and several detail shots in any given space. So, depending on the size of the property and what you want to cover, you'll end up with anywhere from 15 to 60 photos on average.

Is editing billed separately?

Yes, editing time can vary significantly from project to project so I bill it by the hour separately from my creative fee.

What is included in editing?

Edited photos will be corrected for distortion, exposure, color and free from extreme reflections, debris, outlets or other distracting fixtures.

How long does editing take?

Editing can take about twice the time it takes to shoot the actual project. I know that sounds like a lot but trust me, editing is half the battle when it comes to interior photography. Creating a beautiful photograph often requires merging several frames together into one file to achieve the most flattering lighting. I also take the time to edit out fixtures and outlets from your images so they feel polished and keep the viewers attention on the beautiful space you've created. This can be time consuming but I wouldn't feel comfortable delivering files to you that weren't fit for publication. Interior projects are often years in the making and I want to make sure that all your hard work is beautifully represented for your portfolio.

How long will it take to get my edited photos?

On average, it takes me about 7-10 business days to deliver your edited photos.

Can I request a specific file size?

Yes, just let me know what you prefer and I can export your images to spec.

Can I use the images anywhere I want?

Let’s talk a minute about usage rights, Photography is considered intellectual property and every photographer owns the copyright to their own images by default. When we deliver images for a job, we license the images to our clients based on a specific set of terms. In most cases, my standard packages include what I call a “Publicity & Collateral” license. This will give you the rights to use the images to promote your brand anywhere you like for as long as you want but there are some exceptions. For example, you can’t sublicense or distribute the images to any other parties. Contact me if you have further questions about usage and I can send you the complete terms.

Can I split the cost with another party?

Yes! I charge a "cost share" fee based off a percentage of the overall invoice for each additional party. Contact me for more details

Do you shoot exteriors?

Yes I can certainly shoot exteriors but depending on your needs, the images may have to be shot on a separate day from the main interior shoot. Exteriors look best in the evening with all the interior and landscaping lights turned on so if you're looking for that kind of shot, it will need to be planned accordingly.

Do you offer styling?

Yes, to a certain extent. I really enjoy the process of arranging, adding and taking away elements to craft a well balanced and natural looking scene. That said, when I arrive for a shoot, the property should already be clean (no shampoo bottles in the shower or toothbrushes on the counter, etc...) and put together to where I only need to make subtle adjustments like fluffing pillows, arranging florals or shifting decor elements.

I'm also very comfortable working with a stylist so if you have someone on your team, bring them along and let's work together!

Can you shoot a few photos of me in the space?

Yes! Designers often request to have a few portraits taken during a shoot. As long as we set aside enough time, I’m happy to include that within your package if you'd like!

What time of day is best to shoot?

I typically like to schedule interior shoots between 10am - 3pm to get the most consistent lighting. That said, if you're looking for a more moody and artistic feel, shooting in the late afternoon / early evening can produce some stunning images.

How do you differ from a Real Estate Photographer

Real estate photography is all about showing the layout of the space. Usually images are shot as wide as possible and while they are technically good and evenly lit, they miss an artistic aesthetic. When I shoot, I pay careful attention to composition, find moments in the space that evoke a feeling and use as much natural light as possible. I work with props and accessories and move things around a lot to make sure elements are balanced and not competing with each other. Real Estate photographers also tend to rush the process while I like to take my time and really try to make unique and special images.

Lauren was such a pleasure to work with on my Interior Design project! She has a knack for detailed shots and is very knowledgeable with lighting and what accessories will complement a space best. I really appreciated her attention to detail, especially with editing out unpleasant details like can lights and outlets. Many photographers do not take the time to do that and It goes such a long way! I am excited to have connected with her and will definitely use her for my Interior Design projects in the future.

Salt & Willow Interior design

Lauren is an absolute dream to work with! From her creative process to her timely turnaround, I was beyond pleased. Lauren approaches each project with a fresh perspective and is able to capture moments I didn't expect. She is truly an asset to have on any project and I always look forward to seeing her incredible photos. As designers, we work so hard to achieve a certain aesthetic and Lauren captures that essence perfectly in her work. Such a dream!

Kindred Design House Interior Design

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