Here are my thoughts on choosing the right paper finish for your print. If you want to read a little more on the subject CLICK HERE.


My go-to finish for most prints would be matte. You just can’t go wrong. There’s minimal glare due to the slight surface texture and the colors always look spot on. So, if you’re not sure- go matte.


Ohhhh, but this one is shiny! Aren’t we all drawn to glossy for some reason? Well, here’s the story- glossy paper has fantastic color saturation and your image will look very sharp due to the lack of texture on the surface but I only recommend it if you’re going to use a mat inside the frame. Sometimes glossy paper looks “funny” when pushed directly up against glass and over time, it can stick, so the mat will help keep the paper from laying right on top of the glass.


Now this is really something special and I only offer it on select prints that warrant it. This paper creates a beautiful luminance in the highlights of your image. Very difficult to show in photos but, in person, you really see the difference.



Currently I only offer prints unframed. I’m working on adding a few framed options in the near future but until then, you can find a great selection of frames at Aaron Brothers/Michaels.  They have a great 1 cent sale a few times a year so make sure to ask about that. I also really like to support local shops… Frame It Yourself here in San Diego is a fun, family owned business that does great work (insider tip: make sure to mention if you’re a comicon fan).



Of course! I try to offer a few standard sizes for each product (because they’re easier to find frames for) but if you want something different, just email me and I’ll be happy to send you pricing on that option. And don’t be shy…most of my prints can be enlarged to 30 x 40 or higher if you’re like me and love BIG ART :)