A little about me

 Well, I grew up in sunny south Florida….now, most people cringe when you say Florida….kinda like New Jersey (ironically where both my parent’s are from)…but hear me out; Think palm trees, blue water, tropical plants, snorkeling…. better right? All of those things are deeply rooted in my sense of self and, in many ways, have shaped who I am and the path I’ve taken through life.

I’ve been drawing and painting since  I can remember so I think it’s safe to say that I knew I had a future in art from an early age. I developed my skills through a few classes and stuck with it until I discovered photography. Luckily my high school photo class was taught by a great teacher and  pretty soon I was hooked. My parents didn’t even flinch when I suggested I pursue it as a career…lucky me right?

So, 4 fabulous years later, I completed my BA in photography at SCAD. Let me tell you what several years in a tiny little southern town will do to a young adult….. All I could think about was moving to New York for the hustle and bustle and excitement of it all. Alas, life (and my fear of winter) had other plans and, thanks to a series of fortunate events, I landed in San Diego where I’ve spent the last 20 years building my career.

Currently I’m experimenting with Instagram, started a small print shop and am focusing more on the type of work I want to do. This website is a reflection of that work and I’m proud to share it with you.

Fun Facts... I'm a 4th generation Italian-American and in 2011, I married a man from Rome. We travel to Europe with our 2 little boys every year, they're learning the language and will hopefully grow up to appreciate all that their dual citizenship has to offer. In 2018, I made my grandmother very proud and became an Italian citizen myself. I look forward to one day owning some property in the south of Italy that we'll use for long, lazy summers full of good food and great company. Ciao  :)


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