As if anyone ever needed a reason to visit Tuscany. We went on a whim, dropped the baby with Zia (auntie) and drove for a few hours north from Rome until the sun turned golden and the hills started to sprawl. When you visit a place you've only ever seen in pictures, it's like a dream comes to life. With every line of Cypress trees we passed, I could feel the stress of a million hectic days fade into the distance. It's the light that I remember the was September, the hills were dry, the breeze was warm and when the sun dipped low, that beautiful golden light soaked into my body and hasn't left since.


Place To Stay: Agriturismo Poggio Covili

Places We Visited: San Gimignano, San Galgano Abbey, Siena, San Quirico d'Orcia

Place For Dinner: Osteria Del Cardinale

About Us:

My husband is from Rome and each year we come over to visit friends and family. Every time we try to visit new places in this beautiful country. My husband is a great tour guide for me and our two young boys.