On one of our first trips to Italy together, before we had kids, my husband and his family surprised me with a trip to the Island of Lampedusa. This island is actually part of Sicily and is Italy’s most southern point. I didn’t know where we were going until I was on the plane…pretty exciting when I think back! We landed on a small rock in the middle of a beautiful sea and spent a week exploring all the amazing beaches. To this day, I still say that the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen was there. Absolutely crystal clear…it was stunning. The island has long been used as a transit point for immigrants from North Africa, which makes for a beautiful and unique blend of cultures. Between the stunning coastline and the incredible vibrancy of its people, Lampedusa is truly an unforgettable destination.


Place for a sunset drink: Moka Lounge

Nice restaurant: Ristorante Borgo Cala Creta - Il Giardino Arabo

Beaches to see: Spiaggia Conigli

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My husband is from Rome and each year we come over to visit friends and family. Every time we try to visit new places in this beautiful country. My husband is a great tour guide for me and our two young boys. (us looking spry below...before kids!)