• Isola D'Elba

Did you know that Italy has over 400 islands? Surprising right? I’m coming to realize that some of the best-kept secrets of this country can be found on these outlying gems. In 2019 we decided to do our summer vacation on Isola d’Elba, a medium sized island off the coast of Tuscany. I’ll have to say, after 2 weeks wandering the coastline of that beautiful rock, my heart was smitten. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the island but it certainly delivered on raw, natural beauty and culture. We rented a house right in front of the beach of Seccheto, woke up to the church bells in the morning and went to sleep with the sounds of the sea. In the late afternoons we would swing by the local farm stand and stock up on Elba's bounty. We strolled the town center for a gelato in the evening and sipped on local wine until we finally surrendered for the day. Elba is truly a place to remember.


Places We Visited: Seccheto, Cavoli, Marina Di Campo, Porto Azzuro, Poggio Romantico

Place To Eat: Polpo Biao  (pepper dish below was outstanding!)

Place To Stay: Baia Bianca Suites  

About Us

My husband is from Rome and each year we come over to visit friends and family. Every time we try to visit new places in this beautiful country. This trip was full of failed family selfies... but hey, at least we tried!