On one of our yearly trips to Italy, we arranged to stay at a friends vacation home in Calabria for a couple of weeks to check out the area and enjoy the famous beaches. Calabria is the “toe” of the boot of Italy and it spans quite a spectacular coastline. To say that Calabria is diverse is an understatement, there is so much to see. The terrain is a mixture of high mountain ranges that slide steeply into gorgeous sandy beaches. In the same day you can eat the local seafood catch and wild porcini mushrooms picked that morning from the forest. I was pregnant at the time and we had our 2 year old with us so we really only scratched the surface of this beautiful region. I hope to go back and experience much more!


Places we visited: Castello Aragonese, Belvedere, Diamante

Place to eat: Sabbia D'Oro Ristorante  (this place is legit- dish below is their house specialty...we ate it every day!)

About Us

My husband is from Rome and each year we come over to visit friends and family. Every time we try to visit new places in this beautiful country. My husband is a great tour guide for me and our two young boys.