Photographing The Details Of Interior Design

They say "The Devil Is In The Details", but if you ask me, when talking about photographing interiors, it's just the opposite. I find Heaven Is In The Details! I just love giving extra attention to all the exquisite little moments that bring an interior project to life. Great furniture is nice and all but sometimes it's the materials that steal the show. From carefully laid wood paneling to an amazing mix of natural stone, these elements can blend together to create harmony and deserve to be celebrated.

Don't Forget To Look Up

They may be easy to overlook but those light fixtures and fans above your head have all been carefully chosen for the space. Don't forget to point your camera up and capture all the beauty.

Pattern Pretty

Layering pattern is an art. I'm constantly in awe at how designers manage to make pattern on pattern a beautiful thing but they do it and do it well! There is so much fun to be had shooting these busy little moments.

Focus On Fixtures

Fixtures have come a long way in recent years. With all the beautiful materials being used, these utilitarian objects can be anything but ordinary.


Designers love to mix textures to add interest and depth to their designs. I love seeing all the interesting combinations!

Mixed Materials

When good materials come together they take on a life of their own. Many times this is where the contractors really shine. Capturing a beautiful milled wood cabinet or a heafty piece of marble can really show the talent in a good designer/builder combination.

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I photographed the images for this post for the designers at Intimatle Living Interiors.


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